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Welcome to LynxDuck's Pond

This is the start of a programming project involving the HTML language, and CGI scripting, and even more stuff. What I do in this webspace all depends on how fast I learn the language, and how many tools are available to me in the UNIX environment I am in. I plan on everything here being handwritten, instead of that horrid Frontpage, and this may take me a little bit, but I should have some very nifty tools on here in a bit.

I do look forward to seeing you all back here soon once my programming projects take shape. I plan on posting some really nifty programs that I write while I'm going to college here (no source code for you though, hahaha!) so look forward to that, plus many additional resources. I will be writing a lot of neat documentation that will be easy to understand if you are interested in learning neat things to do on your computer and your cell phone.

LynxDuck's Pond is under construction! Check back twice a month to see how I'm doing. After 2 years, of course, I'll have mastered this!

Things to Keep you Amused

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Educational Resources

* List of Books I Own
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